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Quidco.com - App Design and Marketing

Views of the Quidco mobile app

During my time as a Digital Designer with Quidco.com, I assisted the Head of Design in designing panels for the Quidco.com app. The app, which was used by a large number of the 3 million Quidco.com members was continually updated to include new features. The Quidco.com app was featured on Econsultancy.com as an ‘example of mobile marketing excellence’.

Marketing one-pager to outline the business case for the Quidco mobile app
An example of marketing collateral which was designed to promote the app to retailers and interested parties.
Quidco designed promotional tote bags
A design concept to be screen-printed onto tote bags for an upcoming promotional event.
Quidco 3 million member infographic
An infographic created to celebrate Quidco reaching 3 million members. It was distributed to show the growth of the company since 2005.
Published 18 Feb 2013

Head of Design at vzaar, specialising in UI / UX for React and React Native, London UK
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